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Hot Doggin' (feat. Rick McKay)

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Late 50's Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly and Country slam head on into each other on this 12 song feast of Rockin' fun. This trio let the music take them where it will, ignoring the usual rules of what should be, mixing off-the-wall covers with original tunes.

Hot Doggin' are a rockabilly trio originally formed in 2007 under the borrowed name The Silhouettes. Mainly due to other commitments, the trio suffered a couple of false starts. Then, in 2009, founder members John Standen and Rick McKay found themselves both playing in Paul Ansell’s Number Nine and decided that now was a great time to finally put the trio on the road. With drummer Ben Cooper (formerly of Restless) now on board the trio have just released their debut album and are out on the road.

JOHN STANDEN - Double Bass and Vocals On leaving school John’s first band was called Chevy 57 and later on he was a member of The River Boys, a band he would play with, on and off, for the next 25 years. John names Jools Holland as one of his biggest influences and eventually formed Blues Shakeout playing a mixture of rhythm &blues and rock ‘n’ roll. He side stepped on to the country music scene for a short time playing with the Gary Cooper Band in 1997. He later played with both Paul Ansell’s Number Nine, and Mark Keely’s Good Rockin’ Tonight as well as becoming the “go to guy” for many bands occasionally in need of a rockin’ double bass player such as The Firebirds, Big Boy Bloater and The Kingcats just to name a few. In 2009 John joined the theatre production Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door where he stayed for a while, and still plays occasional shows, as well as rejoining Paul Ansell’s Number Nine.

RICK McKAY - Guitars and Vocals Rick had an early start in music as lead guitarist with In Step while he was still at school. He then formed his own trio, The Silhouettes (not realising at the time that the name was already taken) and later joined Rock Therapy and co-formed Dynamite in 1987. Rick has toured extensively over the last 25 years playing solo acoustic shows and with his own band, as well as having taken the lead role in three theatre productions, Forever Elvis, Elvis and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Years and The Thunder Rolls. His love of Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Country music have taken him all of the world and even lead to him spending a number of years writing and recording for GMC Records in Nashville during the 90’s. Rick can still be seen occasionally as one half of popular country duo Pure Country as well as turning up playing with other bands, most recently he could be seen as double bassist for The Doggone Country Band, and as lead Guitarist for Paul Ansell’s Number Nine.

BEN COOPER - Drums and Vocals In 2008 Ben Cooper released his first solo album, Rockin, on Cherry Red Records receiving great reviews and airplay around the World. The live band, The Ben Cooper Trio blazed a trail through Europe including Ukraine forging a formidable reputation. Ben is a singer songwriter/multi-instrumentalist that has been writing and releasing material since the 80's. The songs he has written have appeared on records that have had huge cult success. Some of these records are now considered classics. Ben’s is considered a pioneer of the genre of British Neo’ Rockabilly. The driving force and founder member of Restless, Ben was partly instrumental in expanding the roots genre to a more contemporary sound. The band were, and are hugely influential - especially with bands that are now coming through the current mainstream Rockabilly revival.

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