Hot Doggin’ • BACK ON THE ROAD • Foot Tapping Records FT101 •This UK rockabilly trio has been together less than two years, but Rick McKay (guitars, vocals), John Standen (double bass, vocals) and Ben Cooper (drums, vocals) have all spent years in various bands which gives them an authority and togetherness that many fledging bands take years to develop. This is their first full-length album, though they did complete a demo EP a year or so ago, and it shows that this band has created a distinctive sound that is totally their very own. The majority of the songs are McKay originals—foot-tappers to be sure, but with inventive lyrics that capture the mood and style of classic 1950s rockabilly without in any way sounding like a time-warped record. The way they adapt Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm to fit a driving rockabilly style is further evidence of how good these guys are at creating their own sound and style.” - Alan Cackett

Maverick Magazine

“Rick’s lead solos are fine, particularly powerful on ‘Goin’ Back On The Road Again’, and ‘I Can’t Leave Ya’, and his original songs are above par”” - Harry Dodds

Now Dig This Magazine

Rick McKay's performance tonight was second to none!” - Tony: Colorado Country Music Club

Southern Country Magazine

I’ve always thought of Rick McKay as a perfectionist and this recording confirms my thoughts. Every song is note perfect and displays Rick’s ability to put across genuine feeling and emotion through his fabulously versatile voice. This CD is pure quality from start to finish.” - Editor

Country Music Newsround Magazine